41 reasons to be grateful

Last year, I wrote my thoughts on turning 40. Today is my 41st birthday and I thought I would keep the tradition alive. Because I could only think of 31 reasons to be grateful, I’ve added 10 things I am grateful for. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Because it feels good
  2. It helps you stay healthy
  3. You look better when you smile
  4. People will enjoy your company more
  5. You are better equipped to handle challenges
  6. You are appreciative of those around you
  7. Opportunities for adventure seem to find you
  8. Creativity has the opportunity to blossom
  9. Your ability to problem solve increases
  10. You won’t get involved in other people’s drama as much
  11. If you have or work with children, you will be a positive role model
  12. You have a better chance at success, whatever that means for you
  13. Your expectations are not so high that it’s painful when they crash
  14. You could easily live a minimalist lifestyle
  15. You begin to develop a sense of charity
  16. You will know what’s important in your life and what can be released
  17. Your sleep may improve, as you won’t dwell on what you don’t have
  18. You may choose not to purchase ‘things’ to make you happy, thus saving you money
  19. You tend to laugh more, and laughter is excellent medicine
  20. You will take smarter risks, leading either to great opportunities or great lessons
  21. Food tastes better (that might just be me)
  22. You will have more energy and be more productive
  23. Because it’s infectious – your gratitude will encourage others to be grateful
  24. You may develop a deeper spiritual connection with whatever higher power you believe in
  25. You will be more resilient
  26. You will see lessons and opportunities instead of problems and setbacks
  27. You will feel proud of your accomplishments, but not develop an inflated ego
  28. People want to give you things (though not a great reason to be grateful, it’s a perk)
  29. You may notice things in nature that other people miss – birds chirping or a simple rainbow
  30. Developing a sense of gratitude can assist with managing depression and anxiety
  31. You notice and congratulate others on their accomplishments, leading to their happiness

Here are 1o things I am grateful for:

  1. My health
  2. My family
  3. My friends
  4. My God
  5. Fresh air
  6. Clean water
  7. Healthy food
  8. A washing machine/dryer
  9. A warm, comfortable bed
  10. A roof over my head

I could add so many more but it’s my birthday and I want to go play with my two little boys ๐Ÿ™‚


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