Blog Template

Blog Title

The titles of your blog posts should be compelling, encouraging readers to want more information. Lists that seem to promise answers to a question (“5 reasons why you need a blog”) are great ways to encourage readers to visit your website and engage with your business.

Be sure and find appropriate, visually compelling graphics for your blog posts. There are several websites that offer free and low-cost graphics, which you can download and insert into your posts. If you have a camera and enjoy photography, though, why not create your own graphics?


First paragraph – introduce your topic. Include the wording from your blog title in the first sentence of your opening paragraph.

Second paragraph – expand on your introduction. If you want to create a list, consider using bullet points or a numerical list – it is much easier to read. For example:

5 reasons to have a blog

  1. Showcases your knowledge and expertise
  2. Answers frequently asked questions
  3. It’s an important marketing strategy
  4. Your website gets increased exposure
  5. Any changes in your industry can be explained

Within this paragraph, each point in the list can be expanded on and explained, if required.

Closing paragraph – repeat the main points from the first paragraph, stating their importance.
Keep your blog posts brief – approx 300-400 words. Be sure and highlight important sentences by bolding. Do this sparingly, however, as it could distract your readers.

Most importantly – this cannot be emphasized enough – proofread your words! After proofreading, do the necessary edits, then proofread again.

Leave it for a while, come back and proofread a third time. Glaring grammatical errors can taint a potential customer’s opinion of your business!

If you find that writing your blog becomes a stressful chore, you will begin to lose momentum in building your audience and ultimately your clientele. Contact me to discuss how ghostwriting could become part of your marketing strategy, so you can get back to the work that you enjoy!