Gratitude and your business



Gratitude is an acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. This nicely sums up the reason that business owners would be wise to practice gratitude daily, especially in regards to their client base. Without people supporting your business, whether the benefits are monetary or otherwise, is it really a business or is it more of a hobby?

People who trust your ability to help them solve a problem are certainly something to be grateful for. These people could choose to contact someone else, but they’ve chosen you. When someone seems happy with your service, consider asking for a testimonial. Quite often, people look to the experience of others when making a decision regarding a service provider. If multiple people have nothing but negative things to say about your business, do you think it would inspire others to contact you?

There is also the aspect of referrals. When a past or current client refers you to someone, that other person comes into the picture trusting the referee’s opinon of you and your service. This is most certainly something to be grateful for, as it shows even more support for you and your business.

Have you ever thought about sending clients handwritten thank you notes, perhaps when referrals happen or simply as a thank you for their purchase? If you do send thank you notes, what has your experience been? Has sending notes positively impacted your business or caused you stress? What alternatives can you think of to handwritten notes?

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