Helpful Information

Below, you will find some commonly misspelled words, as well as words that are often used incorrectly within a sentence, as they have different meanings. The next time you are writing something, be sure and check your spelling and usage against this list!

It’s and Its:

It’s is the same as ‘it is’. Example: “It’s snowing outside”.

Its is possessive. Example: “Its tail was six inches long”.

Except and Accept

Their, They’re and There

Too, To, Two

Lose and Loose


You’re and Your

You’re is the same as ‘you are’. Example: “You’re so nice!”

Your means belonging to someone. Example: “That is your car?”


Effect and Affect

Effect refers to the results of something happening. Example: “The sound effects were incredible!”

Affect refers to the influence of one thing upon another. Example: “The accident affected my judgment”.

Sometimes, ‘effect’ and ‘affect’ have other meanings. The examples and meanings I’ve provided are the most commonly used.

A lot


There are many more than these examples. If you cross paths with spelling or grammatical errors that make you chuckle, feel free to send them to me!