Home Office Parents

I am so glad I’ve found my passion – writing and editing. I’m thrilled that this passion translates into an income for me and that I am able to work in my home office, while my young children play at my side (which sometimes happens, like it is this very moment!). I am a ‘resident blogger’ on a popular website called ‘The Purple Vine Club’ (www.purplevineclub.com). Here you’ll see articles I’ve written that pertain to being a Home Office Parent. The items listed below are all tools I’ve used to make the adventure of being a H.O.P. (Home Office Parent) just a little bit easier…

Here is a handy chore schedule that I’ve found helpful in my life as a Home Office Parent.

Chore schedule

Here is an awesome recipe for ‘Flubber’, a great table activity to keep your older children occupied, while you work your business!


Here is the link to find awesome smoothie recipes: http://pinterest.com/mommyque/word-to-the-wise-editing-services/. Feel free to browse through my other boards, as well – unless it will distract you from working on your business. In that case, bookmark the page and look at it later…