Life lessons learned


I’ve learned some valuable lessons over the years, including not to trust your big brother when you’re 3 and he offers you a chocolate bar or apple juice but you’re near cows. Or that just because I have a fear doesn’t mean that fear needs to pass to my children. The biggest lesson, by far though, has been that I am worthy.

I am worthy of my own respect, love, and kindness. I am not superwoman – though I have a coffee mug that says otherwise. My mind deserves intelligent conversation and time to read. My body deserves rest and nutrition. I have the right to remove hurtful people from my life. It is okay to embrace my talents – they are God given and I am safe to feel proud when others praise my abilities.

I am also quirky and unique in many ways – ask any of my friends. Those traits are what make me ME. I won’t try and be someone I’m not, because that is being dishonest to myself and the world. That’s not to say I don’t put on my extrovert hat from time to time, if the situation demands it. I do, however, honour my introvertness and allow myself ample time to recover from social situations.

To be able to say, at 43 years young, that I truly love who I am is a huge accomplishment for me. If you love who you are, pat yourself on the back. If you haven’t quite gotten to that point in your growth, you will if you want to. Rediscover who you are. And when you talk to your inner child, remind them that cows don’t give chocolate or apple juice.



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