When did being negative become a crime?

sad face

Think positively! Don’t be so negative! Turn that frown upside down!

There are days when I seriously want to rip my hair out when I hear those phrases. Since when is it a crime to be sad, angry or afraid? After all, these feelings are part of our emotional range as humans and sometimes life just sucks. Being so angry you want to punch something, or so sad that you weep uncontrollably, are healthy emotional reactions to intense circumstances.

It is true that seeing the brighter side of life, finding beauty in others and our surroundings, and recognizing lessons in every challenge are excellent traits to have. You’ll enjoy your time on earth more and most likely will be a healthier person. The key is not allowing your spirit to be swallowed up by these so called ‘negative’ emotions.

Allow yourself to fully feel these intense negative emotions, for however long you need to. The trick is recognizing when time is up. When it is, here’s what you do:

  • Square your shoulders
  • Tell your negative feelings their time is up
  • Remind yourself of your strength, beauty, talents, and blessings
  • Put a smile on your face

This is what works for me. How about you?

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