Let go



Have you ever been told to ‘let go’? Perhaps you’ve been stewing about someone’s behaviour that you perceive as being defective, or maybe you had an unresolved argument with someone and it’s sticking in your craw. Being able to ‘let go’ is not so easily done by those of us with OCD. When something bothers you, the obsessive aspect of your disorder takes the stage and makes it almost impossible to ignore because of the shiny costume it wears. It demands that you focus your attention on:

  • What you should have said/done
  • What the other person should have said/done
  • The belief that your opinion was the right one
  • The thought that the actions of the other person were wrong

When you see injustice, deceit, and less than kind behaviour from others within your day, it’s difficult to ‘let go’. You feel as if it is your job to ensure those actions are recognized by the masses – you are the Kindness and Truth Police.

This obsession ultimately leads to more stress upon your heart than the people exhibiting the behaviour are worth. The ability to ‘let go’ and allow the masses to discover the truth for themselves boils down to showing kindness to yourself. Again, not so easily done by those challenged with OCD, but certainly something to strive towards.

Have you ever been told to ‘let go’? Were you able to? Share your secret…