Best app for writers

Technology has revolutionized our world. Finding the best app for writers can be frustrating.  You want something that will get you closer to seeing your name in print. It seems there’s an app for everything these days:

  • Sleep cycle alarm clock
  • Tracking your defecation schedule
  • Blocking your ability to drunk dial
  • Ghost hunting

With over a million mobile apps available to consumers, the choices can be overwhelming. Writers need something that is responsive, easy to use, quickly accessed (inspiration strikes when you least expect it) and portable. Being a writer myself, I have found what I believe to be the best app available to fledgling authors. This app has been in existence for a number of years and has been used by many of the world’s literary giants.

This app is called “P&P”. The qualities of this app are numerous:

  • Portable and easy to use
  • Immune to power failure and computer crashes
  • Requires no technical knowledge from the user
  • Typically free or extremely low cost to install
  • Superior security measures – work is easily hidden

This app is readily available throughout most of the world. One of the greatest aspects of this app is it allows any user, regardless of language, age, gender or location to release their inner masterpiece.

A picture of this app can be found here.


Want to work from home? Consider these challenges…

computer-15812_640As a freelance writer and editor, I have the ability to work from home. I frequently have deadlines, which I can typically meet. There are times, when I’m struggling with a particular piece, that the deadline seems closer than it is. It seems to be during those times when my children require the most attention. It’s as if they sense my level of stress rising and they wish to push it over the edge.

If you’ve ever considered working from home, take some time to reflect upon a few things. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How do you react to stress? Do you reach for ‘comfort food’ to soothe your soul? If this is the case, working from home could lead to tremendous weight gain, depending on your level of self-discipline.
  2. Speaking of self-discipline, how do you rate? If you have an important project that requires attention and your favourite tv show is on, where does your priority lie? Keeping focus on the big picture is a major aspect of being your own boss.
  3. If you have young children likely to be around while you’re working, how do you plan to keep them occupied? Timing also comes into play here. Avoid beginning a project near your children’s typical breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack times. In the case of my children, they can eat their weight equivalent in food (maybe only a slight exaggeration, but not much). I won’t even look at my projects until each of my boys have had their fill. Even then, my window of opportunity is approximately two hours, so I must work quickly and furiously.
  4. Are you a Social Media addict? While working on an article, sales letter, email reply, whatever your business requires, keeping that Facebook tab open may be a bad idea. The temptation to check and see if anyone’s responded to your last post can be difficult to resist for some people.

These are only a few aspects of the work at home experience that must be considered. Are you someone who works from home? What challenges have you faced?




Confessions and reflections on change

water swirling

When 2012 ended, it wasn’t necessarily on the best note. I was overweight and unhealthy, both physically and mentally. I loved my new job but missed my previous one. I realized it was time for a drastic change.

I decided at that time to create my own business.  I finally realized that my passion could generate an income for my family.  

I also decided to create Food for Gifts, which I’d talked about doing but never put any action to. Knowing that other people were in a similar financial situation as we were finding ourselves, it only made sense to reach out in whatever way I could to help my community.

When 2013 began, so did my new eating habits. A new relationship with my body began to develop. I had spent 23 years abusing my body. If I felt fat, I would simply not allow myself to eat. If I made a mistake at work, in my parenting, whatever, I would tell myself I didn’t deserve food. You can imagine this left me with digestive issues, which I still occasionally deal with. A little reminder of who I was.

In the midst of all this, I was flying solo. I had chosen to take myself off of anti-depressants (cold turkey. DON’T do that!!). I hadn’t been off of medication in 7 years. Why I chose to take myself off, I have no idea. Perhaps I never will. Or perhaps it’s none of my business. I don’t need to know all the facts behind His plan for me – I just need to trust the process J

I now find myself here, on the last day of 2013, feeling incredibly blessed, relatively healthy and fairly strong. I am still flying solo, though I would go back on meds if I felt the need. My business is growing steadily, due to client referrals and social media. Receiving positive feedback about my abilities from clients (and colleagues) is still somewhat difficult for me to accept. All part of my continued personal growth.

I am blessed with amazing children and a husband who has stood by my side through this past tumultuous year. He’s done his best to understand why I do the things I do, even when I’m not sure myself. We both reached the ripe old age of 40 this past year, on top of everything else. I’m beginning to believe that age is just a number, though.

I wish all those who read these words an amazing 2014, filled with revelation, challenge, success and health. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, DO IT. If you know you need to take better care of your body, DO IT. If you have been experiencing mental health issues and think you might need to talk to your doctor, DO IT.

Take care of yourself – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. You cannot be a good parent, spouse, friend, employee or  business owner – really, whatever roles you find yourself in – without first being healthy and whole.

Happy New Year everyone!