How turning 42 brought wisdom


Today, I celebrate my birthday. They say that with age comes wisdom. After experiencing personal growth on this very day, perhaps this saying is correct.

I was able to care for myself today by making a decision that I knew would disappoint other people, but was the right choice for me. All my life, I’ve avoided confrontation, for fear it may hurt someone else. What I didn’t take into account was the fact that it was hurting someone – myself.

I hope you will celebrate with me, as I pat myself on the back for this small step towards a healthier, happier me.


  1. Your words struck a very live and sensitive chord with me. Thank you for writing this.

    This very weekend my daughter who is also in her 42nd year decided to made a drastic life altering change.

    It seemed to come out of the blue and totally out of character. I was in shock. I don’t agree with what she did, with the way she did it, or the reasons why she did it.

    We did discuss it fairly calmly that evening. She told me what she had done and why and I began to realised she was living a very unhappy, hidden and unhealthy life. She was making the right choice for herself in the only way she knew how. I support her totally. In addition I do celebrate with you for your timely words.

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