Why you need a vision board

vision board

Do you have a vision board? Vision boards are a visual representation of our hopes and dreams. They typically consist of photos, magazine pictures, words, stickers, anything that is meaningful to you. These meaningful objects will remind you of the reasons you strive to realize your dream:

  • Why do you want your dream to come true?
  • What will you do once your goal is achieved?
  • How will reaching your goal affect your life?
  • Will anyone else be impacted when you reach your goal?
  • When would you like to realize your dream?

With the last point, setting a time limit is key. This allows you a date to focus on, motivating you to work each day on the steps needed to reach your goal. Set a realistic date, keeping in mind the time commitment you can afford and other necessary components you may require.

Place your vision board somewhere that is highly visible to you throughout your day. Alternatively, there are several programs available that allow you to create an online vision board, so you are reminded of your goals while working at your computer. That reminder will help keep you motivated when frustration strikes.

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