What message does your business marketing send?



You came up with a business idea, ordered your business cards, and started working on your marketing strategy. Congratulations! You are among the many fledgling entrepreneurs who roam the earth in search of prosperity, recognition, and time flexibility.

While being a business owner is a wonderful thing, it comes with responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is marketing. In some instances, your chosen field will restrict where and how you can market your business. Generally, though, your marketing plan should include the following:

  • Attending networking events to meet your audience
  • Direct marketing using brochures and/or flyers
  • Advertising through print
  • Blog articles to position yourself as an expert in your field
  • Publicity including press releases
  • Featuring your product or service at trade shows
  • Developing an effective website, including strong content

We’ve all seen examples of poorly done websites, filled with content that makes your eyes hurt. Consider this excerpt, taken from a web develoment company:

we are comminted to educating and assisting small and medium businesses (smb) identify internet-based, website solutions to enable e-commerce and effective marketing of their business online. we have over 15 years of expereince working with web projects. we combine innovative design with efficient code structure, resulting in improved search engine results and increased accessibility and web usability. 

The inability to use proper grammar and spelling shows the reader (potential client) that this business can’t be bothered to ensure their website content is error free. If they can’t pay attention to detail, what other aspects of their business will they ignore? They don’t seem to respect their reader’s (again, potential client’s) intelligence by ensuring their website content is error free. Would you trust their ability to provide website services?

You want your business to succeed. An important predictor of that success is the content of your website, social media posts, and marketing materials. Trust a professional to do the “wordy” workcontact me today!





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