Who are you?


Who are you?

If someone asked who you are, what would you answer? You would probably state your name, talk about your job, your kids/spouse and maybe your physical appearance. Or maybe you would talk about what makes you unique. Consider this acronym – WHO:

W: What talents or special skills do you have? What about unique hobbies?

H: Have you made a difference in the world? Have you changed someone’s life, even in a small way? This isn’t an exercise in pride, but an exercise is recognizing your worth and your ability to reach out beyond yourself.

O: Open up to others – it’s how we humans connect. Have you helped someone else on their journey by opening up to them? Knowing others face similar challenges can be very healing.

WHO am I? I am a woman, mother, wife, educator, and writer. I trust my intuition, I love to sing, and my special skill is the ability to rapidly recite the alphabet backwards.

WHO are you? Please share!

“He who has a ‘why to live’ can bear with almost any ‘how’” Friedrich Nietzsche

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