Work from home Christmas party!

Christmas Tree

If you work from home, you may be watching with envy as your friends go off to staff Christmas parties while you’re sitting in sweatpants watching television. Before you reach for another handful of potato chips and begin another season of Gilmore Girls, why not consider organizing your own Christmas party?

Look for networking groups in your area, if you don’t already belong to some — Facebook is filled with them. Join a few that seem to fit with your industry then send an email or make a post, asking if anyone would like to get together for dinner or drinks.

Try and choose a restaurant that seems to work for everyone. Self-employed people often aren’t rolling in dough, so stick with a range of menu choices. Once you’ve finalized the guest list and made the reservation, trade the sweats for a nice dress or suit and get ready to have some fun! And don’t forget your business cards, just in case — parties can still be an opportunity to network!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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